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In Our Country

Nineteen year old Eritrean refugee Teklebrhan survived his journey through the Libyan desert.

In Germany he has a hard time adapting to his new life. Because of him his family is in financial distress. In order to help them out he persuades himself of becoming the next Boateng.

He joins a rural soccer team in Bavaria. There he befriends the seventeen year old Anton.

Tekle doesn't realize that he isn't talented enough to become a big soccer star. Anton doesn't understand his ambition. The other boys in his team, including Anton's friends, reject him as well as the other refugees.

The friendships between Anton and Tekle seems to reconcile both groups, but then one of the german players looses his position in the team to Tekle... 


Fact Sheet

Director Louisa Wagener


Genre Drama

Running Time 29'52

Color in Color

Ratio 1:2,35 (Cinemascope)

Sound 5.1

Languages German, Tigrinya, English

Subtitles English, Spanish, French, Arabic

Premiere 2016/10/27 at the 50th Hof Int'L Film Festival 

FSK no age restriction

Prädikat besonders wertvoll

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Production & Distribution

Production Company Saskia Hahn Filmproduktion

Country of Production Germany, Spain

Year of Production 2016

Funded by FFF Bayern


and DFB-Stiftung, Brot für die Welt & more


Television Transmitters ARD / BR 

TV Premiere 2017/11/16

Distributor EZEF / Saskia Hahn

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